Broad Strokes
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Broad Strokes

Studies in Style for the Advanced Snare Drummer
by Rick Dior
Price: $30.00
Pages: 140
Level: Medium to Advanced
State Lists: Texas


Rick Dior is a musical chameleon. Through his vast experience with rudimental, orchestral, world music, and drum set styles, Broad Strokes is the quintessential collection of snare drum studies focusing on developing technical facility in a variety of stylized musical genres.


The 31 solos in this collection are contained in four main sections (scroll down for full listing of solos):

Solos that run the gamut from traditional rudimental styles to pieces that reflect more modern drum corps techniques.

Solos that thoughtfully address specific technical challenges common to the orchestral player and that can be used to supplement the many advanced snare books widely available.

Musical solos that combine both orchestral and rudimental techniques with odd time signatures as well as other advanced technical challenges.

Creative solos written with either specific musical genres in mind or unusual techniques and effects that are common in drum set performance.


Each solo includes an introduction and exercises to aid in facilitating confident performances. The accompanying CD-ROM contains performances of each piece by Dior. Choose to listen to the performance alone or with a click track. Whether for recitals, auditions, or private study, Broad Strokes is a timeless, must-own collection for any serious percussionist.

Broad Strokes is spiral-bound with a full-color cover and includes a supplemental CD-ROM containing performance tracks (with and without a click).





1) In the Beginning (1:25)
2) Old School (2:10)
3) Ratamawho? (1:40)
4) Grace Under Pressure (2:05)
5) Field Waltz (1:40)
6) Roll Off (1:50)
7) It’s Rudimental (1:40)
8) Rollarama (2:00)
9) Flam This! (2:20)
10) Herniola (2:15)
11) Pipe Dream (1:45)
12) Ruffing Up the Swiss (2:20)
13) Taps (2:40)


14) Jacques Clock (2:00)
15) Articulation (2:55)
16) Cut in Half (1:45)
17) Keep it Upbeat (1:50)
18) In the Hall (2:30)


19) Two For One (2:15)
20) A Switch in Time (1:40)
21) Change Up (1:35)
22) Singles Only (1:40)
23) Singleton (2:25)


24) Friday the 13th (2:50)
25) Second Line (3:00)
26) Take it to the Rim (2:45)
27) Brush Up (5:50)
28) Killer Joe (3:40)
29) Winter Time (2:45)
30) Caliente Snare Drum (4:00)
31) Brazilian Variations (5:40)



"Rick Dior has presented a challenging and rewarding method for all players and professionals, which covers all aspects of styles and techniques. This new publication is a welcome addition to any course of study for serious players to help advance there understanding of various styles, and to foster the development of fine control and advance techniques and abilities. I really like the comprehensive approach and chapters dedicated to select styles.

Broad Strokes by Rick Dior will become a must for serious snare drum players , and I encourage all teachers to explore the teaching/learning possibilities with their students. Highly recommended."

Jim Petercsak
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

"This is a major contribution to the advanced snare drum literature by an accomplished, talented pro who has experienced a number of varied and high-level musical experiences in addition to obviously spending countless hours (and years) in the practice room. The sheer number and variety of studies, exercises and full-length compositions will keep the snare drummer busy, physically and mentally, for a long time. The application of the many techniques covered will benefit every player in whatever genre he/she applies them. Bravo to Rick and all at Tapspace!"

Murray Houllif
retired co-coordinator of percussion at North Texas State University

"Rick Dior’s book, Broad Strokes, is as diverse as it is challenging. Over thirty solo compositions in styles ranging from rudimental to orchestral, jazz, Latin (and just about everything in between) cover a broad range of musical experiences for the advanced player. Preliminary exercises are very helpful for developing muscle memory in preparation for these innovative solos. Broad Strokes is just that, and much more!"

B. Michael Williams
Distinguished Professor of Percussion
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

"Rick Dior’s Broad Strokes is a wonderful addition to the repertoire for orchestral and rudimental snare drum. The solos are well written and contain refreshing compositions that combine rudimental, jazz, orchestral, and world music influences. In particular, the specialty solos are quite unique because of their use of unorthodox techniques. Given their advanced nature, they are perfect to use on a recital or as an audition piece. I highly recommend Broad Strokes to anyone pursuing the art of percussion."

Jason Nicholson
Associate Professor of Percussion
Utah State University

Broad Strokes is much more than a method book or a collection of solos—it's a truly comprehensive and inclusive way of learning rudimental and orchestral approaches to the snare drum. Discussion of technique and specific exercises accompany the original solos by Dior, which are expertly performed by the author on the accompanying CD. There is something here for everyone, whether a student, teacher, or professional!

Dr. John Parks IV, D.M.A.
Associate Professor of Percussion
The Florida State University


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