Pedal to the Kettle
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Pedal to the Kettle

Etudes and Solos for Timpani
by Kirk J. Gay
Price: $25.00
Pages: 68
Level: Easy to Advanced
Personnel: Solo (timpani)
State Lists: Texas, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio


Timpani lessons seeming a little sluggish? Pauken solos need some revving up? Pedal to the Kettle goes under the hood to address the demands placed on today's emerging timpanists, bringing new life to learning and performance on this instrument. With an inventive sequence of 2- and 4-drum etudes ranging from beginning to advanced, Kirk J. Gay steers you through a logical and entertaining course.

The etudes are presented in a sequence that graduates in difficulty while focusing on common challenges faced in modern and classic repertoire - all while maintaining a very musical approach with pieces that are fun to play! Concluding with a crowd-pleasing collection of concert solos, this book fuels you with an effective repertoire pieces with which to fine-tune your timpani lessons, contests, and recitals.


Etudes include:

Tympanic Metamorphoses
Grace (notes) Under Pressure
Beatin' & Bangin'
Extend Yourself
Rolling Down the Highway
Double Stop Trouble
A Flat Etude
High Performance Muffler
DĂ©jĂ  Vu All Over Again
Rock of the 80's
…and 20 more!


Solos include:

The Black Hammock
The Back Forty
Fanfare for Some New Drums
Los Cinco de Clubs
The Attack of the Freezing Fog


“Technically challenging ... very musical.”

John Evans
Principal Timpanist, The Naples Philharmonic

"Thoughtful and coherent, Kirk has created solid, basic studies and tastefully deployed excerpts that are bound to develop relevant technique."

Brian Slawson
Grammy-Nominated Percussionist


"... paying homage to the classics of our symphonic literature while still adding contemporary rhythmic language, tuning, and organicism in the original compositions."

Dr. John W. Parks IV
Asst. Professor of Percussion
The Florida State University

“One of the best collection of timpani pieces I have seen.”

Dr. Paul Buyer
Director of Percussion, Clemson University

"... an excellent addition to any timpanist’s library and one I will be using with my students for a long time."

Earl Yowell
Former Principle Timpani/Percussion
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra


"... creative, musical, challenging, and fun and include material for beginners through advanced players. Bravo, Kirk!"

Dennis DeLucia
DCI Hall of Fame
WGI Hall of Fame



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