Vacant Lot Sessions, The
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Vacant Lot Sessions, The

A compilation of "lot" music that was heard performed by members of the world champion drumline of the 1993 Star of Indiana.
by Colin McNutt
Price: $14.95
Pages: 24
Level: Advanced
State Lists: Indiana


The Lot. Any rudimental drummer knows to go there before the show to get up close and personal with the performers who know how to dish it out. In "The Vacant Lot Sessions," Colin McNutt and Tapspace Publications bring you two works that will make your head spin! Performed in 1993 by members of the world-champion Star of Indiana drumline, "Red's Rhumba" and the cadence "Star '93" are your invitation to witness today's most complex beats in rudimental percussion.

This book is published in score form, saddle-stitch bound, and features a high quality full-color cover.



"This music is sure to challenge and entertain the performer and teacher in all of us. Mark my words, 'Colin McNutt is one of the great up and coming writers of our time!'"

-Thom Hannum
         UMASS Faculty
         DCI Hall of Fame member


Notice of Disclaimer: This compilation has been produced as an independent work and is not affiliated with any organization other than the author(s) and the publisher. Any commentary or compositions contained within this publication are the realization of the author(s) and are not officially endorsed by any third parties.




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Vacant Lot Sessions is a collection of two marching drum line works used by the Star of Indiana in 1993. Written for snare line, tenors, and five bass drums, the two pieces are ''Star '93'' (a cadence) and "Red's Rhumba" (which may be used as a warm-up). Of the two, "Red's Rhumba" is the more challenging, It begins in 9/16 time but frequently shifts into 10/16, 12/16, 11/16 and 6/16. Both pieces are rhythmically dense and utilize thirty-second notes and a variety of different strokes (ping, stick-shot, crush, crossover, dampened, unison, and rimshots). This is an example of drumline writing for the modem corps.

‚ÄďTerry O‚ÄôMahoney
Percussive Notes (October 2001)

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"Tapspace percussion ensembles offer the opportunity to play music at all levels for all percussionists. The quality of the writing is some of the best I have seen in my 25 years of teaching. It challenges every player in the ensemble from the triangle to the marimba. It challenges each player to perform showing good techniques and skills in all areas of percussion. Thank you to Jim Casella and all the composers from Tapspace for producing such high level literature!! "