Violent Ice Cream
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Violent Ice Cream

An amazing collection of top-ranking Snare Drum solos
by Mike McIntosh, Jeff Queen, Nick Angelis, Tyler Dempsey, Chip Webster
Price: $25.00
Pages: 52
Level: Very Advanced
Personnel: Solo (snare)
State Lists: Missouri, Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin


Now we've really done it! Some of the world's greatest snare drummers have come together to bring you inside their warped minds. 

Tapspace is proud to offer you the world's most jam-packed, advanced rudimental snare solos! What's more is that many of these solos were actually performed in DCI and PASIC solo competitions throughout the years, all being top-ranked and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a couple of sticks on kevlar! If you think you can hang, see what these pro's can dish up in Violent Ice Cream!

This book is saddle-stitch bound with a full-color glossy cover and has more notes than you'll know what to do with!


Here's what you get:

  • "TRAIN WRECK" (3:30) by NICK ANGELIS (1992 DCI Snare Drum¬†Champion)

  • "BOLERO FOR ED" (4:40) by CHIP WEBSTER (SCV Percussion¬†Instructor in 1998 and 1999)

  • "THREE" (3:50) by MIKE McINTOSH (1991 PASIC Snare Drum Champion)

  • "RODENT TOMFOOLERY (Trixus Maximus)" (3:40) by TYLER DEMPSEY (1996¬†PASIC Snare Drum Champion)

  • "TRIBUTE" (4:05) by JEFF QUEEN (two-time PASIC Snare Drum Champion from 1994-95 and two-time DCI Snare Drum Champion from 1994-95)



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