Wham Bam! Bucket Jams
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Wham Bam! Bucket Jams

19 Easy Percussion Pieces and 5 Gallons of Fun!
by Hunter Stricklin
Price: $35.00
Duration: 0"30" to 2"30"
Pages: 28
Level: Easy
Personnel: 3+ players


Wham Bam! Bucket Jams is a groovy collection of 19 pieces for buckets, auxiliary percussion, and backing tracks designed for elementary to middle school percussionists. Most of the pieces are under a minute long, making them easily learned and performable in no time. You might say the time required for students to learn the pieces is just a "drop in the bucket" compared to the amount of fun they'll have! A few pieces over two minutes in length round out the collection for those looking for a bit more of a challenge or for a concert performance piece.

All pieces come with backing tracks, most of them set to 3 different tempos—slow, medium, and fast—so you have the options you need during the teaching process. 

No buckets? No problem! Grab a chair, practice pad, or virtually any surface you can find to learn and perform these exciting pieces!

The included CD-ROM contains reference recordings, backing tracks (3 speeds for the short pieces), and printable PDF parts for each piece.


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"I would like to thank Danny Raymond and Tapspace for the release of Let It Rip. I know it's a few years old now, but this is the perfect tutorial for learning and expanding your vocabulary for drumming. Danny has presented here a flawless display of technique and compositions for snare drum. I am actually working on my second copy of the disc! The pdfs are easy to follow. What I like most about this dvd is this... Danny has shown the viewer here that you can have the speed and the visual side of things happening, but the articulation in which he plays, nobody does it better! I've said before that Danny has the best hands in the business. I hope to catch more of Danny's drumming in the future in any format available."