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Blue Motion
"Blue Motion" is an exciting new piece for percussion duo by British composer and percussionist, Stephen Whibley. This piece received an amazing...
City Museum
City Museum is a programmatic work for two percussionists depicting a trip to the famous City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.
"Conversation for two tambourines" is a fun duet for headed tambourines that showcases techniques (both commonplace and otherwise) often found in...
Double Take
Written for two multi-percussion stations configured in mirror-image, split by a shared bass drum, "Double Take" launches at a blistering speed for...
Eight on 3 and Nine on 2
Easily one of the coolest multipercussion duets on the market, Eight on 3 and Nine on 2 tests players' abilities to "split" rhythms.
Etude in C# Minor
Not for the faint of heart, this marimba/vibe duet provides an amazing opportunity for duos to max out their communication skills!
Fear Cage
Written for two timpanists surrounded within a circle (or cage) of 9 timpani, Fear Cage is a dramatic piece which utilizes a variety of effects to...
Festival Score 3-Pack
Provide festival adjudicators with official Tapspace Festival Scores of any duet or ensemble being used for a festival type event.
Goldberg Variation 28
This duet of "Goldberg Variation 28" provides a flashy duet to feature two players, primarily playing with two mallets. The trading interaction...
Pulse Theorem
The challenging duet for multipercussion takes its inspiration from the polyrhythmic blending of sounds that emanate from a powwow.
Sonata in A Minor
This tastefully arranged marimba/vibe duet provides an amazing opportunity for dues to max out communication skills!
Synergetic Simpatico
This is a percussion duet that explores the musical possibilities of two percussion instruments with two very different stereotypes in the...
Take Hold of Me
This duet for vibraphone and marimba has a listenable accessibility while still being challenging from a technical standpoint. It calls upon the...
Tricks of the Trade
This high-energy duet for drumset and marching snare drum bring drum-and-bass, funk, and rock grooves to its soloing and trading sections.
Two-Part Three-Pack
Slawson has arranged three of these inventions as mallet duets, packaged here for extra value as a "three-pack." The two-part inventions included...
Waltz in C-Sharp Minor
Your mallets will dance through this companion to Chopin’s famous Minute Waltz, arranged here for vibraphone and marimba duet.
Watch the Melting Glaciers
Watch the Melting Glaciers is an intermediate level composition for marimba (with two mallets) and piano. It utilizes througout, the rhythm derived...
Winterludes for Two
A collection of 4 treasured Christmas carols, creatively arranged for vibraphone and marimba duet.
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"I've been playing percussion now for 21 years. I took over a program in disarray, especially in the percussion section. I recently purchased the "Five Minute Drill" book from Ralph Hicks & Eric Rath, and have found it to be engaging, fun, and educational. Tapspace is a wonderful purveyor of percussion literature, and I recommend anyone and EVERYONE to purchase this book, from the beginning percussionist to the seasoned veteran, because the presentation and playability will prepare your percussionists for just about everything they may see. Don't forget to pick up a copy of "Beyond Basic Percussion" to supplement the learning they will get out of "Five Minute Drill." Thanks again, Tapspace!"