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This intricate solo for snare drum with kick drum and hi-hat explores polyrhythms and pays homage to Delécluse and colonial drumming.
A cute, medium-easy percussion quartet in which players are assigned specific animal names to help define musical character.
Beethoven's Fantasy
Contrasting dark introspective material with light humor, this arrangement for mallet trio honors a quick-moving masterpiece.
Begin Transmission
An exciting exploration of rhythm and melody for beginning percussion ensembles.
Broad Strokes
Over 30 snare solos centering on the contrasts between orchestral and rudimental playing techniques as well as specialty genres.
A challenging solo for marching snare drum set to the music of Dimitri Shostakovich.
Christmas Day
An festive piece that ensures entry-level players a rousing performance with limited preparation.
Dots & Dashes
A drummy, intense, syncopated percussion quartet bridging tribal, African music and odd-metered construction of western classical music.
Evergreen (ensemble version)
This ensemble arrangement of Finley’s beautiful marimba solo, this fresh realization mixes groove and lyricism to form a new experience.
First Impressions
An expressive, intermediate 4-mallet marimba solo that utilizes a memorable, recurring theme.
Funky Fugue for Five
For 4 or 5 players, this entry-level piece is a fantastic foray into counterpoint and fugal concepts. Requires minimal instrumentation!
Graceful Ghost Rag
Bolcom’s famous, modern ragtime piece, arranged for mallet sextet by Stephen Primatic.
Hushabye Mountain
This haunting lullaby from the 1968 film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” simulates a simple and effective music box via percussion ensemble.
Mysterious Barrier, The
A timpani duet written for nine drums, arranged in a circle enclosing the performers. Kirk J. Gay’s followup to “Fear Cage.”
Persistent metallic timbres, shared instruments, ostinati, and odd time signatures in this intense quintet.
An ultra-creative work for solo percussionist using two snare drums, audio, and a rasping (scraper) stick.
Rattle the Cage
Unique use of timbre, texture, groove, and melody create a tour de force for percussion ensemble like only Gene Koshinski can!
Rockin' Pauken
A groovy timpani solo for the intermediate performer that mimics the sound of drumset and bass.
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"I've been playing percussion now for 21 years. I took over a program in disarray, especially in the percussion section. I recently purchased the "Five Minute Drill" book from Ralph Hicks & Eric Rath, and have found it to be engaging, fun, and educational. Tapspace is a wonderful purveyor of percussion literature, and I recommend anyone and EVERYONE to purchase this book, from the beginning percussionist to the seasoned veteran, because the presentation and playability will prepare your percussionists for just about everything they may see. Don't forget to pick up a copy of "Beyond Basic Percussion" to supplement the learning they will get out of "Five Minute Drill." Thanks again, Tapspace!"