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Alter Ego
This unique take on a snare solo with audio soundscape won first place in the 40th Annual PAS Composition Contest.
Anitra's Dance
Composed by Grieg for pizz strings and triangle, this ensemble adaption is enhanced by nonpitched perc, arpeggios, and rapid scalar passages.
This sneaky cool solo for hand drums utilizes a cajon along with a set of bongos and congas to create sophisticated grooves and textures.
This updated arrangement of Owen’s famous xylophone solo includes three accompaniment options and an optional solo cadenza.
Written for percussion ensemble and solo flute, Clockwork plays on the timbral characteristics found in different types...
Cold Light
Clean and beautiful, with creative use of instrumentation in the accompanying ensemble, this solo makes excellent use of changing meters.
Constructive Interference
Two waves will become one stronger wave if they meet at the right point. There are many right points in this exciting solo for multipercussion.
The percussion quartet offers a fun challenge with its extreme dynamic ranges, demanding rudimental control, and ensemble timing and blend.
Danse Macabre
This accessible arrangement brings the famous themes from Saint-Saens’s Danse Macabre into the perc ensemble, with the...
Danza Furioso
This high-energy feature for xylophone soloist is backed by a trio of three marimbists, all sharing one instrument.
Echo Song
The simultaneous performance unrelated meters, ostinati, and melodic material drives this solo for multipercussionist and optional, echoing assistant.
Festival Score 3-Pack
Provide festival adjudicators with official Tapspace Festival Scores of any duet or ensemble being used for a festival type event.
This mixed-meter ensemble jam showcases timbral interplay and rhythmic creativity. Just be sure the audience doesn't try to clap along.
This advanced and programmatic work features smooth keyboard textures, juxtaposed angular percussive motives, and cold metallic punctuation.
Home by Sundown
Played on one instrument, this original marimba trio is fun, laid-back, and faintly reminiscent of familiar childhood melodies.
This percussion quartet boasts asymmetrical phrasing, unorthodox tonality, and elaborate textures thanks, in part, to its layered ostinati.
Lattes on the House
This introductory percussion ensemble teaches the application of beginning rhythms using conga drums, claves, and tambourine.
Mah-Ná Mah-Ná
The nonsense song made famous as a classic Muppet sketch is flexibly arranged for as few as 8 players or as many as 14 players.
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"Tapspace has gone all out to present an extremely complete and comprehensive collection of drum corps samples. Featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard, this latest revision brings a whole new level of flexibility, depth of programming, and attention to minute detail that’s simply breathtaking. "