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As a percussionist with great taste, you're always looking to outdo yourself. Fortunately for... … Read More »

IN THIS ISSUE: The Tapspace Mixtape, more new releases, Rick Dior's "Broad Strokes" videos, Let Them Drum!... … Read More »

We are absolutely thrilled to announce¬† Broad Strokes , by¬† Rick Dior , a collection of snare solos for... … Read More »

Gearing up for fall, New concert releases, Virtual Drumline Tip: "El-Capi-10" a.k.a., to upgrade, or not to... … Read More »

October 2015 Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: The Tapspace Mixtape, more new releases, Rick Dior’s “Broad Strokes” videos, Let Them Drum! promo, VDL Tip: Show us your stuff!, Artist Spotlight: Jamieson Carr, Video Submission of the Month: Drew Cox performing “War Drum Peace Drum” by David Reeves.

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Announcing BROAD STROKES snare solo collection

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Broad Strokes, by Rick Dior, a collection of snare solos for the experienced player created by a true musical chameleon.

This 140-page book consists of 31 cleverly-written solos designed specifically to explore the contrasts between orchestral and rudimental playing styles as well as “combination” solos that combine the two approaches in real-world musical scenarios. Lastly, a section of “specialty” solos goes a step further by focusing on specific musical genres and unusual techniques or effects common in drum set performance.

Solos are accompanied by in-depth introductions and exercises to help the player study and prepare. A CD-ROM is included containing audio performances (both with and without a click track) by Dior himself.

Today’s percussionists face a wide variety of musical challenges. Broad Strokes represents a well-rounded approach to developing the dexterity and technique needed to be a truly versatile player.

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March 2015 Newsletter

That’s a Wrap – Back from TMEA, 7 easy/medium ensembles just added, Sandy Feldstein National Percussion Festival, Virtual Drumline Tip: Humanizing Through Doubling, Artist Spotlight: Brian S. Mason, Video Submission: “Rochambeaux” from University of North Texas.

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February 2015 Newsletter

Brand new print catalog hot off the press, We’re headed to Texas for TMEA, New Tapspace Apparel, New Concert Music for 2015, Feature Article: Using the Tap-Off in the Classroom (by Ralph Hicks), Festival Score 3-packs, Virtual Drumline Tip: Understanding Auto Right/Left vs. Manual Instruments, Artist Spotlight – Bobby Lopez, Video Submission of the month by The Woodlands HS directed by Andy Salmon.

Read all about it here!

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"Tapspace has gone all out to present an extremely complete and comprehensive collection of drum corps samples. Featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard, this latest revision brings a whole new level of flexibility, depth of programming, and attention to minute detail that’s simply breathtaking. "