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The time has come – time to announce our next batch of summertime solo releases! This is a unique batch... … Read More »

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We’re excited to kick off the summer segment of our new release calendar with two timeless classics, both... … Read More »

New artists and solos announced!

The time has come – time to announce our next batch of summertime solo releases! This is a unique batch of creative, musical, and inventive solos for percussionists of all varieties!  We’re also excited to welcome Gene Koshinski, Chad Floyd, Rick Dior, and Pat Jacobs to the Tapspace lineup of artists along with veteran Tapspace artist Alan Keown. See/click below for more information on each piece.


Echo Song

for solo multipercussion with optional assistant

by Gene Koshinski

The simultaneous performance unrelated meters, ostinati, and melodic material drives Gene Koshinski‘s solo for multipercussionist and optional, echoing assistant. 



for solo hand percussion
by Chad Floyd

Chad Floyd‘s sneaky cool solo for hand drums utilizes a cajon along with a set of bongos and congas to create sophisticated grooves and textures.



Alter Ego

for solo snare drum with audio soundscape
by Pat Jacobs

This unique take on a snare solo by Pat Jacobs utilizes an audio soundscape created only from morphed sounds of an actual snare drum. This piece won first place in the 40th Annual PAS Composition Contest.

Mood for a Day

for solo marimba
by Steve Howe; arranged by Rick Dior

Prog-rock band Yes member Steve Howe’s famous flamenco-style guitar solo adapts beautifully to the marimba in Rick Dior‘s excellent arrangement.


Constructive Interference

for solo multipercussion
by Alan Keown

Two waves will become one stronger wave if they meet at the right point. There are many right points in Alan Keown‘s expressive solo for multipercussion.


2 New Marimba Solos Now Available!

We’re excited to kick off the summer segment of our new release calendar with two timeless classics, both of which are available today! We’ve been hard at work licensing these two new solos, which are the first of several that will be released in the coming months, and ensuring that the engraving and layout are painstakingly detailed. We think both will be surefire hits on your upcoming recital, so grab ‘em now and be one of the first to play them this fall!

Theme from Modern Times
arranged for solo marimba by Alex Stopa

Smile” was composed in 1936 by Charlie Chaplin as the love theme for his acclaimed final silent movie Modern Times. Some two decades later, Nat King Cole’s rendition landed a spot on the Billboard charts.
Alex Stopa’s arrangement for solo marimba highlights the warm and mellow characteristics of the middle to lower register of the instrument while giving a casual tip of the hat to ragtime pianists such as Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller and Jelly Roll Morton.




Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow
from The Wizard of Oz
arranged for solo marimba by Robert Oetomo

As one of the most famous songs of all time, Harold Arlen’s “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz is a timeless treasure. In this arrangement for solo marimba, Robert Oetomo combines jazzy harmonies, quasi improvisation, and classical romantic influences to create a rendition that is mysterious, lyrical, and remains as heartwarming as the original.





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"Tapspace has gone all out to present an extremely complete and comprehensive collection of drum corps samples. Featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard, this latest revision brings a whole new level of flexibility, depth of programming, and attention to minute detail that’s simply breathtaking. "