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If you visit us regularly, you may have noticed that our recent releases have been landing with a new... … Read More »

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The Story of our New Covers

If you visit us regularly, you may have noticed that our recent releases have been landing with a new cover design. This is the result of a long-running goal of making our products visually attractive, while also making it as easy as possible to find the right stuff among our large (and growing) catalog of works.

Rather than bore you with all the mundane nitty-gritty of why this design process is so complex, we’ll share it in the form of a story starring our co-founders Jim Casella and Murray Gusseck.


October 2015 Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: The Tapspace Mixtape, more new releases, Rick Dior’s “Broad Strokes” videos, Let Them Drum! promo, VDL Tip: Show us your stuff!, Artist Spotlight: Jamieson Carr, Video Submission of the Month: Drew Cox performing “War Drum Peace Drum” by David Reeves.

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Announcing BROAD STROKES snare solo collection

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Broad Strokes, by Rick Dior, a collection of snare solos for the experienced player created by a true musical chameleon.

This 140-page book consists of 31 cleverly-written solos designed specifically to explore the contrasts between orchestral and rudimental playing styles as well as “combination” solos that combine the two approaches in real-world musical scenarios. Lastly, a section of “specialty” solos goes a step further by focusing on specific musical genres and unusual techniques or effects common in drum set performance.

Solos are accompanied by in-depth introductions and exercises to help the player study and prepare. A CD-ROM is included containing audio performances (both with and without a click track) by Dior himself.

Today’s percussionists face a wide variety of musical challenges. Broad Strokes represents a well-rounded approach to developing the dexterity and technique needed to be a truly versatile player.

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"I would like to thank Danny Raymond and Tapspace for the release of Let It Rip. I know it's a few years old now, but this is the perfect tutorial for learning and expanding your vocabulary for drumming. Danny has presented here a flawless display of technique and compositions for snare drum. I am actually working on my second copy of the disc! The pdfs are easy to follow. What I like most about this dvd is this... Danny has shown the viewer here that you can have the speed and the visual side of things happening, but the articulation in which he plays, nobody does it better! I've said before that Danny has the best hands in the business. I hope to catch more of Danny's drumming in the future in any format available."