Appalachian Morning (Halley)
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Appalachian Morning (Halley)

arranged for percussion ensemble by Omar Carmenates
Paul Halley; arr. Omar Carmenates
Price: $50.00
Duration: 5:00
Level: Advanced
Personnel: 14 players


Paul Halley’s exuberant and joyful work Appalachian Morning was made famous by the Paul Winter Consort, and it has been masterfully arranged for percussion ensemble by Omar Carmenates. From a formal, melodic, and harmonic standpoint, it is a straightforward rendition comparable to any of the Paul Winter Consort’s many recordings/performances. However, in this arrangement, Carmenates brings out the bouncing yet fluid rhythmic qualities of the original by adding subtle (or maybe not-so-subtle) lines and colors spread throughout the ensemble. This will be the perfect closer for a percussion ensemble concert to leave audiences uplifted and humming a catchy melody.

This piece ships in a professionally bound and printed folio which includes all individual parts on CD-ROM.





1) Glockenspiel

2) Chimes

3) Vibraphone 1

4) Vibraphone 2 (optional: 4-octave, low C)

5) Xylophone (optional: 4-octave, low C)

6) Marimba 1 (4.3-octave, low A)

7) Marimba 2 (4.3-octave, low A)

8) Marimba 3 (4.3-octave, low A)

9) Marimba 4 (4.3-octave, low A)

10) Marimba 5 (5-octave, low C)

11) Bass Guitar (or keyboard w/ bass patch)

12) Drumset

  • + Patio chimes

13) Percussion 1

  • + Wind chimes
  • + Bird calls
  • + Caixixi (2)
  • + Rainstick
  • + Triangle
  • + Suspended cymbal
  • + China cymbal
  • + Gong
  • + Egg shaker

14) Percussion 2

  • + Crotales (bowed)
  • + Suspended cymbal
  • + Sizzle Cymbal
  • + Egg shaker
  • + Triangle
  • + Bass drum
  • + Gong
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