Downloadable Timpani Solos

Take a ride down to Brazil with this fun timpani solo that centers around the rhythms and patterns of Samba Batucada!
Duration: 6:30 | Level: Medium
An enjoyable solo for timpani in which various sections contrast from march style to adagio, and occasional glissandi make full utilization of all four drums.
Duration: 4:20 | Level: Medium
An appealing timpani solo that highlights the melodic possibilities of the timpani.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Advanced
This 7-movement work explores the ancient military music of the Ottoman Empire. The timpanist evokes the ominous sounds of their percussion.
Duration: 15:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
Written for five drums, this piece begins with a dramatic and lyrical opening, then bursts into an "allegro" theme. It ends with an energetic passage requiring various pedalings and cross-over stickings.
Duration: 3:20 | Level: Medium
A groovy timpani solo for the intermediate performer that mimics the sound of drumset and bass.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Medium
This 4-mvmt tour de force for solo timpani has the rhythmic virtuosity you would expect along with unique melodic and lyric moments.
Duration: 17:00 | Level: Advanced
The Tragedy of a Young Soldier is a character/story driven piece about a young, colonial period man who is called to war and dies on the battlefield. It is written for five timpani and also requires a gong.
Duration: 10:40 | Level: Advanced
A collaborative composition for timpani and fixed media that is equal parts intense, virtuosic, and heart wrenching.
Duration: 9:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: Solo (timpani)