Jesse Mattson

An avid Northwest outdoorsman, Jesse Mattson occasionally descends from the forested Oregon coast range to compose for percussion ensemble, short film, and broadcast commercials. Jesse has composed for dozens of University, high school and independent marching and concert ensembles, and an arrangement of his ‰ÛÏChicane‰Û was performed by the 2010 WGI PIO gold medalist. In the commercial arena, Jesse has composed for AMD, Sketchers, Bank of America, Ahnu, WeChat, and many more.

Often feeling he was born centuries too soon or too late, Jesse draws inspiration from old growth forests, while embracing bleeding edge technology. The goal: to create music that takes unpredictable yet enjoyable paths, both challenging yet accessible to the listener. He resides in Portland, OR with his three children, Adelle, Ivan, and Max. A wide variety of Jesse's musical compositions can be heard at

A quirky collection of 11 offbeat holiday arrangements for percussion ensemble.
Duration: Between 1:10 and 4:00 each | Level: Med-Easy to Medium | Personnel: 8-10 players