Tapspace Newsletter – October 2018

Friday, October 5th, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: New Solos: The First Steps in a New Direction (Michael Charles Smith), The Fairview Hymns (Holst & Vaughan Williams; arr. Brian Mueller), New Duets: My Beautiful Chaos (Thomas R. Marceau), New Ensembles: Aeolian Dreams (Chris Roode), Nzuri Mwana (Stuart P. O’Neil), Nimrod (Elgar; arr. Michael Charles Smith), Angels in the Moonlight (Brian Slawson), TRiBE (Chad Heiny), Sofapilla (Chuck Ricotta), A Work of Fiction (Tyler Nechamkin), Concertpiece for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble (Taylor; arr. Jason Baker), VDL Tip: Timing Suspended Cymbal Rolls in Finale.

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Tapspace Newsletter – June 2018

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: New Ensembles: Schnabel (Robert Sanderl), Three Scenes from the Desert (Alex Stopa), New Solos: Danny Boy (Traditional; arr. Brian Mueller), Impromptu No. 3 (Schubert; arr. August Pappas), Tristesse (Chopin; arr. Benjamin Holmes), New Books: The Golden Age of Ragtime (Ralph Hicks & Eric Rath), Sequential Studies-Level 1 (Julia Gaines), Nine Minute Drill (Hicks/Rath), VDL Tips: Impose Sketch onto Template, Zero-G (Roger Carter).

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Roger Carter’s Zero-G is here!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Zero-G is a lot jam from rudimental drumming legend Roger Carter and premiered by the 2017 Bluecoats drumline. This entire jam is based on a simple syncopated theme where the beat is obscured, giving the listener multiple interpretations of the pulse. This theme goes through many transformations, adding diddles, singles, flams, and different sticking patterns. Zero-G was premiered by the 2017 Bluecoats drumline.

The sheet music is available exclusively from Tapspace. Click here to check it out!