Tapspace Newsletter – October 2018

Friday, October 5th, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: New Solos: The First Steps in a New Direction (Michael Charles Smith), The Fairview Hymns (Holst & Vaughan Williams; arr. Brian Mueller), New Duets: My Beautiful Chaos (Thomas R. Marceau), New Ensembles: Aeolian Dreams (Chris Roode), Nzuri Mwana (Stuart P. O’Neil), Nimrod (Elgar; arr. Michael Charles Smith), Angels in the Moonlight (Brian Slawson), TRiBE (Chad Heiny), Sofapilla (Chuck Ricotta), A Work of Fiction (Tyler Nechamkin), Concertpiece for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble (Taylor; arr. Jason Baker), VDL Tip: Timing Suspended Cymbal Rolls in Finale.

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