Tutorial - Using Finale's MIDI Tool to create mod-wheel controller changes.

Virtual Drumline 2 contains several instruments that make use of the mod-wheel to control various features and sound changes. This can be a very powerful way of accessing sounds without having to load several versions of the same instrument. To activate mod-wheel changes from Finale, you don't physically "move" the mod-wheel, but rather program a controller change into your score. By doing this, Finale will essentially "perform" the mod-wheel change when they occur. You can use the MIDI Tool in Finale to set these program changes. Below is an example of how this would be done. Read through the steps, then watch the video to see them in action.

1) Start by writing a basic part for a Mod-wheel controllable instrument. In this case, we're using Timpani Med (MW).

Before adding mod-wheel changes, this will simply sound like
2) To add mod-wheel changes, select the MIDI Tool, and drag your mouse over the phrase you wish to program.

3) Double-click the first measure of your selection. This opens the MIDI TOOL window.

4) In this window, you'll see several tool buttons in a vertical column on the left. Refer to your Finale user's manual to learn more about the features of each. You'll want to use the Continuous Data tool (looks like a little slider). When you click this tool, the View Continuous Data window will appear.

5) In the Controller field, either type in the number "1" (for mod-wheel), or simply use the pulldown menu to select Modulation. Then click OK.

6) Drag a selection above the measures to indicate where you want the controller change to begin.

7) Go to the MIDI Tool menu and select "Set To." Enter a mod-wheel value between 1 (down) and 127 (up), then click OK.

8) Repeat steps 6-7 for any further controller changes you wish to set.

9) When you are finished, close the MIDI Tool Window, and playback. You should now hear the mod-wheel calling up the correct sound changes.

10) Click here to watch the video and see this process in action.

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