Andrew Ziehm

Andrew R. Ziehm is an aspiring percussionist and performer, hailing from Modesto, California. Andrew primarily resides and performs in the Central Valley and S.F. Bay areas of California. Specializing in snare drum, he performs with the Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Percussion, competing in local circuits and WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio. During the summer months, he tours with the Blue Devils B traveling across the country to perform at DCI events.

Andrew’s writing style is a culmination of many of his prior and current instructors, such as Shekhar Khedakar and Joseph Avery, and his playing style and training has been influenced by others including Casey Brohard, Dave Flores, and Rudy Garcia. Andrew is constantly learning and experimenting to define an approach and personal sound in percussion and will continue to do so in pursuit of more beats! He looks forward to a bright future in music and percussion.

Newcomer Andrew Ziehm displays incredible arranging prowess with this super-hip parking lot etude.
Duration: 1:19 | Level: Advanced