Percussion Ensemble

A dreamlike 6-percussion percussion ensemble full of swirling marimba sonorities, groovy cajon patterns, and soaring vibraphone melodies invoking fond nostalgia.
Duration: 3:45 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 6 players
A challenging and modern take on a rudimental classic for advanced snare drum quintet.
Duration: 5:10 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 5 players
A set of five, short, contemporary songs for two percussionists and mezzo-soprano that use stupid, and comical, quotes as their lyrics.
Duration: 7:20 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 3 performers
Arguably Mahler's most famous single piece of music. This piece would make for a satisfying addition to concert programs that wish to demonstrate the lyrical capabilities of percussion.
Duration: 10:30 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 5 players
A simple piece for a beginning percussion ensemble, this piece uses the aeolian mode in its main theme.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 12 players
A large percussion ensemble work meant to represent the medium which permeates all of space.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 11-13 players
A large ensemble work with multiple moods, tempi, and plenty of opportunities for an experienced ensemble to strut their stuff!
Duration: 7:30–9:00 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 14 players
An uplifting percussion ensemble for budding percussionists that unlocks the power and beauty of repetition.
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 6-12 players
A classic introduction to Brazilian bossa nova for younger percussion ensembles.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 7 to 12 players
Alarm! is intended for a middle school or high school batterie percussion ensemble. Extreme dynamics, rhythmic melodies, as well as an engaging visual element give the piece its unique flavor.
Duration: 2:35 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 7 players
This arrangement of Ravel's masterpiece recreates the colorful and vibrant work for percussion ensemble. This piece will challenge performers and engage audiences with its accessible Spanish flair.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 9 players
A complex, multi layered quintet for unpitched instruments combining concert and marching techniques, a unique setup, and unstoppable groove-based motion.
Duration: 5:30 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 5 players
An Afro-Cuban influenced tribute to jazz legend Dave Samuels, of an iconic and transcendent African American spiritual.
Duration: 4:45 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 5 players
An emotional showpiece for large percussion ensemble that weaves together familiar elements of Americana in a cinematic style.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 11 players
A meditative quintet in which the Aristotelian notion that “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a focal point.
Duration: 6:10 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 5 players
A medium percussion ensemble piece perfect for the holidays!
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 10 players
A cute, medium-easy percussion quartet in which players are assigned specific animal names to help define musical character.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 4 players
Composed by Grieg for pizz strings and triangle, this ensemble adaption is enhanced by nonpitched perc, arpeggios, and rapid scalar passages.
Duration: 3:15 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 12-13 players
Paul Halley’s exuberant and joyful work made famous by the Paul Winter Consort is sure to be a high point of any ensemble concert!
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 14 players
A fun and energetic percussion quartet featuring hocket melodies inspired by marching bass drum splits.
Duration: 2:10 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 4 players
A catchy, uplifting percussion ensemble piece that can easily fit into any concert program for beginners.
Duration: 2:20 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 11+ players
This piece uses three marimbas and a large collection of African instruments to suggest a dark and superstitious atmosphere.
Duration: 7:30 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 8 players
An energetic and groovy percussion quartet for commonly found drums and auxiliary percussion instruments.
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 4+ players
Dribble, slap, juggle, toss, and of course...BOUNCE! Written for five players with a variety of balls bouncing on the floor, this creative piece is a surefire crowd-pleaser.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 5 players