Marimba & Xylophone

A bustling and weightless 4-mallet marimba solo depicting the joy of the early morning hours.
Duration: 1:30 | Level: Med-Advanced
A medium-level marimba solo written and dedicated to the composer’s nephew, Andrew.
Duration: 3:30 | Level: Medium
Dust off your favorite clown suit and have fun with this ragtimey, two-beat xylophone solo with optional piano accompaniment. Great for beginners!
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 1-2 players
A light and graceful marimba solo meant to explore subtleties and hidden complexities within undulating musical lines.
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Advanced
A med-advanced solo marimba arrangement of a traditional Irish hymn for a 4.3-octave (low A) instrument.
Duration: 6:45 | Level: Med-Advanced
Relentless and lyrical, this solo version of She-e Wu’s Blue Identity is a virtuosic showpiece for advanced marimbists.
Duration: 5:30 | Level: Advanced
A medium-advanced solo for marimba with a clever rhythmic motive and impenetrable groove. Written for a 4.3-octave (low A) instrument.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Med-Advanced
A warm and reflective four-mallet marimba solo focusing on dynamic range, rhythmic fluidity in a rubato approach, and double lateral strokes.
Duration: 1:50 | Level: Medium
A delicate and whimsical marimba solo for the blossoming 4-mallet marimba player.
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Medium
An enjoyable and entertaining four-mallet marimba solo that will challenge performers’ note accuracy, technical precision, and physical coordination.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Med-Advanced
A thematic ostinato with a sprinkling of technical interjections creates an ideal landscape for young marimba players to develop their skills.
Duration: 2:15 | Level: Medium
The theme song to film “The Deer Hunter,” this tranquil adaptation for solo marimba uses one-handed rolls and a moving bass line in the opposite hand.
Duration: 3:46 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: Solo (marimba)
A collection of compelling two-mallet solos that can be performed on any standard mallet instrument (e.g., marimba, vibraphone, xylophone or even glockenspiel).
Duration: 1:00–2:30 each | Level: Easy to Medium
An intermediate-level follow-up compilation to its predecessor of 8 two-mallet solos with optional, orchestrally inspired audio accompaniment tracks.
Duration: 1:00 to 2:05 each | Level: Medium
A musical impression of autumn and its characteristics for the intermediate marimba soloist.
Duration: 5:45 | Level: Medium
This updated arrangement of Owen’s famous xylophone solo includes three accompaniment options and an optional solo cadenza.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2-9 players
A groove-based, rhythmically intense work, this solo draws its eclectic themes from infamous composers like J. S. Bach and John Coltrane.
Duration: 6:30 | Level: Med-Advanced
A medium level ragtime piece arranged for a xylophone soloist and marimba quartet.
Duration: 2:50 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2-6 players
A sly and clever piece for beginning xylophone solo with optional piano accompaniment.
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 1-2 players
A beautiful arrangement of an infamous traditional Irish melody.
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Advanced
This high-energy feature for xylophone soloist is backed by a trio of three marimbists, all sharing one instrument.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 4 players
A moving, heartfelt work for solo marimba & crotales with optional ocean drum accompaniment. 5-octave marimba required.
Duration: 6:55 | Level: Med-Advanced
A forward-moving four-mallet marimba solo focusing on hand-to-hand consistency in a variety of basic stroke types.
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Medium | Personnel: Missouri | Texas | New York
A thoughtfully constructed solo for either 3- or 4-mallet marimba aimed at developing players.
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Medium