Holiday Selections

A collection of catchy and fun medium-easy to medium-advanced marimba duets, played on a single 4.3-octave, low A instrument.
Duration: various | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2 players
Arguably Mahler's most famous single piece of music. This piece would make for a satisfying addition to concert programs that wish to demonstrate the lyrical capabilities of percussion.
Duration: 10:30 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 5 players
A creative arrangement of a timeless classic written specifically for solo vibraphone.
Duration: 4:50 | Level: Med-Advanced
A medium percussion ensemble piece perfect for the holidays!
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 10 players
Composed by Grieg for pizz strings and triangle, this ensemble adaption is enhanced by nonpitched perc, arpeggios, and rapid scalar passages.
Duration: 3:15 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 12-13 players
Paul Halley’s exuberant and joyful work made famous by the Paul Winter Consort is sure to be a high point of any ensemble concert!
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 14 players
A catchy, uplifting percussion ensemble piece that can easily fit into any concert program for beginners.
Duration: 2:20 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 11+ players
A med-advanced solo marimba arrangement of a traditional Irish hymn for a 4.3-octave (low A) instrument.
Duration: 6:45 | Level: Med-Advanced
A catchy composition by the famous banjo picker and jazz musician Béla Fleck from "Left of Cool". Its simple melody, arranged wonderfully by Olin Johannessen, encapsulates the folksy sound of Americana.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 8-10 players
In this arrangement, Brian Slawson enables percussion ensembles to recreate Bach's masterpiece through creative mallet orchestrations.
Duration: 3:45 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 10 players
The holidays just got a little warmer with Caliente Christmas. A Latin-tinged percussion ensemble piece for 10-11 players.
Duration: 8:10 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 10–11 players
An accessible piece for beginning percussion ensemble featuring a deep rock beat and a catchy melody.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 8 players
One of the most recognizable holiday tunes, brilliantly arranged for a med-easy level percussion ensemble.
Duration: 2:45 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 11-14
The theme song to film “The Deer Hunter,” this tranquil adaptation for solo marimba uses one-handed rolls and a moving bass line in the opposite hand.
Duration: 3:46 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: Solo (marimba)
Children's Medley is one of several masterworks arranged for percussion ensemble by Brian Slawson on the Grammy-nominated CD "Bach on Wood."
Duration: 3:40 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 6 players
This updated arrangement of Owen’s famous xylophone solo includes three accompaniment options and an optional solo cadenza.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2-9 players
An festive piece that ensures entry-level players a rousing performance with limited preparation.
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 8+ players
A classic holiday tune from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" brilliantly arranged for solo vibraphone.
Duration: 3:40 | Level: Medium
The beloved Impressionist piano solo arranged for marimba duet maintains the integrity of the original.
Duration: 4:40 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2 players
A clever mallet ensemble arrangement of 57 famous classical melodies from 31 different composers.
Duration: 6:30 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 6 players
This easy lullaby for percussion ensemble brings a lyrical vehicle to younger players, featuring optional vocals.
Duration: 2:40 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 6-8+ players
A beautifully-scored hymn arranged for marimba and vibraphone duet.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2 players
A beautifully haunting piece for mallet ensemble, based on a traditional English carol.
Duration: 3:50 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 6 players
A beginning-level percussion ensemble piece with an ultra catchy theme and expandable mallet parts.
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 5+ players