New Releases!

A dreamlike 6-percussion percussion ensemble full of swirling marimba sonorities, groovy cajon patterns, and soaring vibraphone melodies invoking fond nostalgia.
Duration: 3:45 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 6 players
A collection of catchy and fun medium-easy to medium-advanced marimba duets, played on a single 4.3-octave, low A instrument.
Duration: various | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2 players
A bustling and weightless 4-mallet marimba solo depicting the joy of the early morning hours.
Duration: 1:30 | Level: Med-Advanced
A fun and entertaining medium-level timpani solo inspired by the famous “Call to the Post” bugle call.
Duration: 2:10 | Level: Medium
A med-advanced, expressive mallet duet arrangement of the second movement from Schubert’s Sonata in A Major, D.959.
Duration: 4:20 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2 players
An impressive, advanced solo about oceanic life for vibraphone, audio track, and optional video accompaniment.
Duration: 8:50 | Level: Advanced
A med-advanced marimba duet arrangement of one of Schumann’s most beloved solo piano pieces.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2 players
A med-advanced solo marimba arrangement of a traditional Irish hymn for a 4.3-octave (low A) instrument.
Duration: 6:45 | Level: Med-Advanced
A medium-easy programatic percussion ensemble, which tells the tale of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky.
Duration: 3:10 | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 8-11 players
A rhythmic, reflective piece for intermediate-advanced marimba duo, celebrating the life of a loved one.
Duration: 6:45 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2 players
A rhythmic, post-minimalist piece for intermediate percussion ensemble, exploring polyrhythm and densely-layered textures.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 11-14 players
The third collection of solos from the University of Kentucky alumni, this book includes 47 solos for drumset, mallet keyboard, snare drum, and timpani.
Level: Med-Easy to Advanced
Relentless and lyrical, this ensemble version of She-e Wu’s “Blue Identity” is a virtuosic showpiece for advanced marimbists supported by a percussion quartet.
Duration: 8:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 5 players
A medium-advanced solo for marimba with a clever rhythmic motive and impenetrable groove. Written for a 4.3-octave (low A) instrument.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Med-Advanced
A med-easy timpani solo filled with catchy drumset rhythms and steel band “strumming” patterns. Appropriate for developing players.
Duration: 1:15 | Level: Med-Easy
A captivating and groovy percussion ensemble piece that is filled with a multitude of colorful textures and timbres.
Duration: 4:20 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 10 players
An advanced, bluesy piece for percussion orchestra, inspired by the Spanish dance form and Ravel score of the same name.
Duration: 4:20 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 14 players
A warm and reflective four-mallet marimba solo focusing on dynamic range, rhythmic fluidity in a rubato approach, and double lateral strokes.
Duration: 1:50 | Level: Medium
A fun, engaging quartet for snare drums played entirely with brushes, aimed at introducing players to commonly used patterns and techniques.
Duration: 3:20 | Level: Medium | Personnel: 4 players
A delicate and whimsical marimba solo for the blossoming 4-mallet marimba player.
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Medium
An accessible piece for beginning percussion ensemble featuring a deep rock beat and a catchy melody.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Easy | Personnel: 8 players
Unyielding and relentless, this epic percussion quartet by Chad Heiny never wavers in intensity.
Duration: 9:20 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: 4 players
An enjoyable and entertaining four-mallet marimba solo that will challenge performers’ note accuracy, technical precision, and physical coordination.
Duration: 2:25 | Level: Med-Advanced
A thematic ostinato with a sprinkling of technical interjections creates an ideal landscape for young marimba players to develop their skills.
Duration: 2:15 | Level: Medium