New Releases!

Dust off your favorite clown suit and have fun with this ragtimey, two-beat xylophone solo with optional piano accompaniment. Great for beginners!
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Med-Easy
Paul Halley’s exuberant and joyful work made famous by the Paul Winter Consort is sure to be a high point of any ensemble concert!
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced
This piece uses three marimbas and a large collection of African instruments to suggest a dark and superstitious atmosphere.
Duration: 7:30 | Level: Advanced
Inspired by an adventure in the Himalayas, this rich work for percussion orchestra by Jim Casella is a vibrant representation of the human spirit.
Duration: 7:00 | Level: Advanced
This advanced ensemble piece is a tribute to the evolution of hip-hop music, from the Golden Era of the 80’s and 90’s to modern trap music.
Duration: 5:50 | Level: Advanced
A collection of compelling two-mallet solos that can be performed on any standard mallet instrument (e.g., marimba, vibraphone, xylophone or even glockenspiel).
Duration: 1:00–2:30 each | Level: Easy to Medium
A groove-based, rhythmically intense work, this solo draws its eclectic themes from infamous composers like J. S. Bach and John Coltrane.
Duration: 6:30 | Level: Med-Advanced
A classic holiday tune from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" brilliantly arranged for solo vibraphone.
Duration: 3:40 | Level: Medium
This easy lullaby for percussion ensemble brings a lyrical vehicle to younger players, featuring optional vocals.
Duration: 2:40 | Level: Easy
Drawing upon Eli Whitney’s revolutionary invention as inspiration, this unique mulitpercussion solo requires the player to speak, sing, and trigger audio samples.
Duration: 7:10 | Level: Med-Advanced
A beautiful arrangement of an infamous traditional Irish melody.
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Advanced
This advanced snare drum solo is a cleverly crafted, rudimentally based homage to the hugely influential snare drum collection Douze Études by Jacques Delécluse.
Duration: 2:20 | Level: Advanced
This advanced ensemble was inspired by the music of Spain as well as the works of famed minimalist composer Steve Reich.
Duration: 5:45 | Level: Advanced
This suite for two developing marimbists includes an optional atmospheric audio accompaniment making it perfect for a first recital duet.
Duration: 1:30-2:00 (7:30 total) | Level: Easy
Featuring a solo drumset and marimbist, the rhythmic motives used in this piece are derived from the syllabic relationship of its title, 2 + 3.
Duration: 7:40 | Level: Advanced
This med-advanced duet is a short, high-energy gem, requiring an intense knowledge of the other performer’s part. Players share a mounted kick drum to add to the creative counterpoint.
Duration: 3:15 | Level: Med-Advanced
Another compelling piece by Michael Charles Smith (aka "Marimba Mike"), this intermediate marimba solo is a great addition to the solo marimba literature.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Medium
A collection of beginning snare drum solos, duets, and a trio building solid foundations for early success.
Duration: 14:40 (total) | Level: Easy
Written for 5 players on 1 marimba, this piece requires artful choreography so each player can execute their individual parts.
Duration: 4:15 | Level: Medium
Mysterious, haunting, and uplifting, this marimba solo by Benjamin Finley is a fantastic new addition to the repertoire!
Duration: 5:45 | Level: Advanced
A collection of five ragtime pieces for solo xylophone with both piano and marimba quartet accompaniments.
Duration: various | Level: Medium to Med-Advanced
This short, intermediate work for solo marimba features a cheerful and uplifting melody.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Medium
A great introduction to Latin percussion, this groovy little piece features moments for young percussionists to trade solos.
Duration: 3:10 | Level: Med-Easy
Combining elements of blues, jazz, & contemporary music, this piece uses various materials to depict the construction of a skyscraper.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Advanced