New Releases!

Paul Halley’s exuberant and joyful work made famous by the Paul Winter Consort is sure to be a high point of any ensemble concert!
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced
This is a well-crafted piece for intermediate percussion quartet where each player has a small multipercussion setup.
Duration: 3:25 | Level: Medium
Drawing upon Eli Whitney’s revolutionary invention as inspiration, this unique mulitpercussion solo requires the player to speak, sing, and trigger audio samples.
Duration: 7:10 | Level: Med-Advanced
A collection of beginning snare drum solos, duets, and a trio building solid foundations for early success.
Duration: 14:40 (total) | Level: Easy
For 4 or 5 players, this entry-level piece is a fantastic foray into counterpoint and fugal concepts. Requires minimal instrumentation!
Duration: 3:15 | Level: Easy
Mysterious, haunting, and uplifting, this marimba solo by Benjamin Finley is a fantastic new addition to the repertoire!
Duration: 5:45 | Level: Advanced
Combining elements of blues, jazz, & contemporary music, this piece uses various materials to depict the construction of a skyscraper.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Advanced
A beautiful and playful work for intermediate solo marimba, this piece centers around a whirling 6/8 rhythm with a slow, rubato middle section.
Duration: 5:50 | Level: Medium
This Vaudville-style circus piece is adaptable from 3 players to a full-blown large ensemble. Guaranteed to get stuck in your head!
Duration: 2:20 | Level: Med-Easy
Written in the style of a young Mozart, this charming and light mallet trio was written to develop reading large groups of notes at one time.
Duration: 2:35 | Level: Easy
With varying harmonic motion, fast rhythmic ideas, and complex time changes, this diverse piece will compliment multiple programming situations.
Duration: 5:40–8:00 | Level: Advanced

Played by four players on two marimbas, this lively and colorful piece captures the essence of music in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Duration: 7:30 | Level: Advanced
First prize winner of the 2016 Portland Percussion Group call for scores, this colorful quartet on two marimbas will be a crowd-pleaser.
Duration: 6:10 | Level: Med-Advanced
A collection of contemporary, intermediate four-mallet marimba solos that are perfect for private study or concert performance.
Duration: 8:00 (total) | Level: Medium
Persistent metallic timbres, shared instruments, ostinati, and odd time signatures in this intense quintet.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
An ultra-creative work for solo percussionist using two snare drums, audio, and a rasping (scraper) stick.
Duration: 7:25 | Level: Advanced
An easy, short, & groovy work for an expandable ensemble. The players can customize the piece by choosing their own instruments from a provided by the composer.
Duration: 3:10 | Level: Easy
This groovy and polyrhythmic concert solo for snare drum and audio accompaniment will keep any rudimental drummer’s hands busy.
Duration: 6:10 | Level: Med-Advanced
Unique use of timbre, texture, groove, and melody create a tour de force for percussion ensemble like only Gene Koshinski can!
Duration: 13:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
This quartet uses ONLY instruments from a standard 5-piece drumset, creatively split up among four beginning players.
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Med-Easy
Was it a “weather balloon” that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, or something more mysterious?
Duration: 9:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
A collection of snare drum pieces in varying styles for younger intermediate players.
Duration: 23:20 (total) | Level: Med-Easy
A collection of easy/intermediate duets for marimba and vibraphone. Great for sight reading or for younger players!
Duration: 10:45 | Level: Med-Easy
Six heartfelt four-mallet etudes for the beginning/intermediate marimbist.
Duration: 10:30 (total) | Level: Med-Easy–Medium