A fun and entertaining medium-level timpani solo inspired by the famous “Call to the Post” bugle call.
Duration: 2:10 | Level: Medium
Take a ride down to Brazil with this fun timpani solo that centers around the rhythms and patterns of Samba Batucada!
Duration: 6:30 | Level: Medium
A med-easy timpani solo filled with catchy drumset rhythms and steel band “strumming” patterns. Appropriate for developing players.
Duration: 1:15 | Level: Med-Easy
An effective ensemble featuring a solo timpanist and seven percussionists. A great showpiece to feature the timpanist in a way not often achieved.
Duration: 7:30 | Level: Med-Advanced | Personnel: 8 players
This is solo also utilizes a multipercussion setup of concert toms, woodblock, sizzle cymbal, and wind gong. It is an ideal selection for percussionists looking for a dramatic and virtuosic timpani solo.
Duration: 6:20 | Level: Med-Advanced
An enjoyable solo for timpani in which various sections contrast from march style to adagio, and occasional glissandi make full utilization of all four drums.
Duration: 4:20 | Level: Medium
A bombastic, rhythmic solo for the intermediate-advanced timpanist.
Duration: 2:45 | Level: Med-Advanced
An appealing timpani solo that highlights the melodic possibilities of the timpani.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Advanced
This 7-movement work explores the ancient military music of the Ottoman Empire. The timpanist evokes the ominous sounds of their percussion.
Duration: 15:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
Written for five drums, this piece begins with a dramatic and lyrical opening, then bursts into an "allegro" theme. It ends with an energetic passage requiring various pedalings and cross-over stickings.
Duration: 3:20 | Level: Medium
Much of the world's great timpani literature was written decades ago. With an inventive collection of easy to advanced etudes and solos, Kirk J. Gay's Pedal to the Kettle offers a "tune up" designed to appeal to today's timpanists.
Level: Easy to Advanced | Personnel: Solo (timpani)
A groovy timpani solo for the intermediate performer that mimics the sound of drumset and bass.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Medium
An impressive tour-de-force for the advanced timpanist.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Advanced
A medium-advanced work for timpani soloist inspired by the topography and history of Temple Mountain, Utah.
Duration: 8:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
This 4-mvmt tour de force for solo timpani has the rhythmic virtuosity you would expect along with unique melodic and lyric moments.
Duration: 17:00 | Level: Advanced
The Tragedy of a Young Soldier is a character/story driven piece about a young, colonial period man who is called to war and dies on the battlefield. It is written for five timpani and also requires a gong.
Duration: 10:40 | Level: Advanced
A collaborative composition for timpani and fixed media that is equal parts intense, virtuosic, and heart wrenching.
Duration: 9:00 | Level: Advanced | Personnel: Solo (timpani)
One of the most famous pieces of classical music arranged for solo timpani in a virtuosic and entertaining way!
Duration: 2:00 | Level: Advanced