Books & Education

A collection of catchy and fun medium-easy to medium-advanced marimba duets, played on a single 4.3-octave, low A instrument.
Duration: various | Level: Medium | Personnel: 2 players
A creative, practical, and fun collection of 10 beginning percussion ensembles with videos of performances, technique demonstrations, audio, and more.
Duration: 1:30–2:40 each | Level: Easy to medium-easy | Personnel: 4-10 players
An even more expansive sequel to its predecessor, The Blue Book - Volume 2 features 56 solos for drumset, multipercussion, snare drum, and marching tenors.
Level: Medium to Advanced
The third collection of solos from the University of Kentucky alumni, this book includes 47 solos for drumset, mallet keyboard, snare drum, and timpani.
Level: Med-Easy to Advanced
Over 40 solos for snare, tenor, and bassline written by some of the today's top performers and teachers in the world of percussion.
Level: Easy to Advanced | Personnel: Solo (snare)
Over 30 snare solos centering on the contrasts between orchestral and rudimental playing techniques as well as specialty genres.
Level: Medium to Advanced
A collection of creative snare drum solos, each one representing a major artist of the 20th century.
Duration: various | Level: Med-Advanced
A collection of compelling two-mallet solos that can be performed on any standard mallet instrument (e.g., marimba, vibraphone, xylophone or even glockenspiel).
Duration: 1:00–2:30 each | Level: Easy to Medium
An intermediate-level follow-up compilation to its predecessor of 8 two-mallet solos with optional, orchestrally inspired audio accompaniment tracks.
Duration: 1:00 to 2:05 each | Level: Medium
Tapspace teams up with consummate musician and drumset artist Royal Hartigan to produce a highly comprehensive coordination development book for drumset players based on applying rudiments and patterns around the kit. The difficulty level goes from simple to very challenging and included a special supplemental DVD containing over 3 hours of footage.
Level: Medium to Advanced
A progressive set of 12 etudes for snare and bass drum, performable as solos or duets. Alternative metronome patterns provide an optional, unique challenge to develop internal pulse.
Duration: varies | Level: Easy to Advanced | Personnel: 1 or 2 players
Murray Gusseck’s latest creative collection of not-so-stock drumline warmups aimed at reinvigorating and unlocking the technical potential of rudimental players. Great for individual or ensemble use.
Level: Med-Advanced
A collection of beginning snare drum solos, duets, and a trio building solid foundations for early success.
Duration: 14:40 (total) | Level: Easy | Personnel: 1–3 players
A collection of introductory solos for 3 or 4-mallet marimba that provides a musically enriching path to technique development.
Duration: various | Level: Med-Easy
Daily, FUN classroom routines and play-along tracks for beginning percussion
Level: Easy
A unique collection of 10 entry-level percussion ensembles, written for flexible instrumentation and personnel.
Duration: varies (18:00 total) | Level: Med-Easy | Personnel: 2-12+
A groovy collection of 6 short cadences aimed at younger players (or those in a hurry!) - Volume 1.
Duration: 0:25-1:00 per loop | Level: Easy to Medium
A groovy collection of 6 short cadences aimed at younger players (or those in a hurry!) - Volume 2.
Duration: 0:30-1:00 per loop | Level: Easy to Medium
The 97-page book containing music of the Santa Clara Vanguard drumline in the late 90s.
Level: Medium to Advanced
Clocking in at nearly 16 minutes in length, this sequence represents a complete warm-up package for the battery ensemble.
Duration: 16:00 | Level: All Levels
A collection of five ragtime pieces for solo xylophone with both piano and marimba quartet accompaniments.
Duration: various | Level: Medium to Med-Advanced | Personnel: 2-6 players
Grooves do Brasil (literally Grooves of Brazil) is designed to give drummers a great introduction to the unique flavor of Brazilian music. Renowned drummer Duda Moura introduces each style along with native instrument transcriptions and then shows the reader how to apply these grooves around the drumkit.
Level: Easy to Advanced
Tapspace teams up with champion snare drummer Danny Raymond to bring you a complete DVD package of solos for snare drum that will educate and challenge ANY level of player. From complete beginner to veritable Zen mastery, Danny progresses through a multitude of skills with nine different pieces including detailed transcriptions, suggested warm-ups, program notes, and more.
Duration: 1:45 to 3:20 each | Level: Easy to Advanced | Personnel: Solo (snare drum)
A medium-easy-to-intermediate collection of 15 progressive snare drum duets with practice audio accompaniment tracks included.
Duration: various (18:00 total) | Level: Easy to Medium | Personnel: 1-2 players