Chris Roode

Chris Roode showcases his talent for weaving complex and simple rhythms into elaborate interesting compositions in works for both the percussion and electronic musical genres. Chris made his compositional debut with the percussion ensemble piece Taking Out the Trash. While studying at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Chris wrote several pieces for solo and ensemble, including Bliss, Trio, and Lake Hallow’s Sunset

After graduation, he directed the percussion and band program at PS126, in Manhattan’s lower east side. It was here that he started writing music with the intent of teaching percussion fundamentals. His music ensembles performed original compositions throughout New York City at venues such as The Fat Cat and the Tribeca Family Festival.

In 2008, Chris Roode released Spaciprocity V2, an electronic music album on which he merged his rhythmic skills with electronic instruments, creating a surreal soundscape. He further explored electro-acoustic compositions during his graduate studies with works including Mandlebrot Plot and Indie 501. Chris currently is combining rudimental drumming, West African rhythms, and dubstep as he works on his latest electronic music release.

Chris Roode resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and two cats where he teaches, performs, and composes music. He has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters in Music Technology from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

A simple piece for a beginning percussion ensemble, this piece uses the aeolian mode in its main theme.
Duration: 4:00 | Level: Med-Easy
This charming suite of 5 movements for beginning percussionists provides a great vehicle for introducing percussion concepts and fun!
Duration: 7:10 | Level: Easy
This introductory percussion ensemble teaches the application of beginning rhythms using conga drums, claves, and tambourine.
Duration: 2:30 | Level: Easy
A collection of snare drum pieces in varying styles for younger intermediate players.
Duration: 23:20 (total) | Level: Med-Easy
Teach beginning rhythms through tinkering, clanking, and clunking on nontraditional instruments!
Duration: 3:00 | Level: Easy