Joshua Garrett

Joshua Garrett, a freelance musician and composer from Wheeling, West Virginia, has been arranging and composing for steel drum and percussion ensembles in the upper Ohio Valley since age 11. Josh has written for ensembles in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.

His pieces Distractions and Very Much (A Lot), as well as other original compositions, have been performed by the West Virginia University Percussion Department. He has studied with George Willis and Al Wrublesky, professors of percussion studies at WVU, and currently performs with the Adrian Niles Band and Steel Cassa, a professional steel drum band in the upper Ohio Valley.

A carnival-style tune for steel band comprised of high energy, challenging technical demands. Reminiscent of Panorama performances one might hear during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and features a jazzy, compound meter metric modulation in the middle.
Duration: 6:00 | Level: Advanced
The steel band piece Fiesta de Sueños captures the calm of sleep and the exuberance of a party of dreams, and includes solo changes.
Duration: 4:35 | Level: Med-Advanced
Composed for a standard steel drum orchestra, this piece owes much of its laid-back, contented funk groove to the drumset.
Duration: 4:15 | Level: Medium
Another steel band ensemble by Josh Garrett, Very Much (A Lot) combines elements of medium-tempo mambo and straight-ahead rock.
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Med-Advanced