Accepted Publications Portal

Congratulations on having your work selected to be added to the Tapspace catalog! Follow the steps below so we can be equipped to give your music the best exposure possible.

NOTE: This page is not for unsolicited submissions. If you want to submit for publishing consideration, please see our submission guidlines and instructions.


Gather the following materials for your piece.

  • Notation file (Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico format) — As long as you have carefully proofed your score for errors and made any final tweaks, all we’ll need is this one file. (No need to send notation files for individual parts.)
  • PDF of your finalized score — This is for reference and will give us a visual on your final intentions.
  • Audio and Video file(s) — A high-quality audio and/or video recording of your piece is highly desirable and helps us to be able to release sooner. Video and audio recordings should both be in the least compressed formats possible.
    • Audio — WAV or AIF format, 16 or 24bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz. If all you have is an MP3 or M4A/AAC, you can send that, but do not attempt to up-convert an MP3 or M4A/AAC to an AIF or WAV, as it will do nothing to improve the quality.  
    • Video — Please send us the highest quality version you have - preferably 1080p or higher. If possible, please strip out any titles from your video so that we may add them in using Tapspace branding.
    • More is more! If you have video AND audio recordings that meet these criteria, please send both!
  • Program Notes – (PDF, .doc, or .pages format) — This is basically the text you’d like an audience member to read about your piece. Ideally, it would be somewhat brief (a short paragraph or two), though longer-form program notes are certainly doable if you think it’ll best convey your intentions.
  • Performance Notes (optional - PDF, .doc, .txt, or .pages format) – This is where you would include any notes to the performers or director that might help them more successfully perform your work. They can be as extensive as necessary, but obviously only include what’s necessary. Things that often appear here: notes about pedaling, sticking, mallet/stick selection, interpretation considerations, instrumentation concerns, suggested listening.
  • Setup Diagram — We like to include a setup diagram for all ensemble pieces. Other pieces (such as multipercussion solos, or duets) can sometimes also benefit from a setup diagram. Please sketch out the suggested setup and include it if necessary. You can use a graphic application, or simply sketch it on a napkin and take a photo. Don’t worry about making it look too nice. We’ll make it look pretty.
  • High-resolution photo and brief bio — (for new artists) These will be for your Artist page on the Tapspace website. Ideally, the photo would be at least 1280 pixels wide, and uncompressed without any sort of text or filters added to the photo. Bio can be in any sort of text format, and preferably between 3-4 sentences (minimum) and 2-3 short paragraphs (maximum).


Place all of the above items into a folder, compress it into a .zip file, and send it to us (info<at> via the free WeTransfer link below.

(Note: If your zip file is larger than 2GB, please host it somewhere like Dropbox and email us (same address as above) the location from which we can retrieve it.)


Fill out the form below. This form contains extra details about your piece that will help streamline our production process, ensuring all angles have been considered to communicate your intentions as well as the widest market possible.

Lastly, our release schedule varies and is dependent on a number of always-changing criteria. So we can’t say, specifically, when your piece will be released, but the more complete your initial materials submission is, the faster it will make the process once it’s in production.