Downloadable Multipercussion Solos

Jeff Queen weaves together a groovy solo for snare and kick drum to help students with the concept of pulse.
Duration: 2:10 | Level: Med-Easy
This intricate solo for snare drum with kick drum and hi-hat explores polyrhythms and pays homage to Delécluse and colonial drumming.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced
Written for an abbreviated drumset (played while standing) and three semi-resonant metals, the piece uses a series of hemiola-driven rhythmic gestures to weave a complex tapestry of percussive sound.
Duration: 6:05 | Level: Advanced
An even more expansive sequel to its predecessor, The Blue Book - Volume 2 features 56 solos for drumset, multipercussion, snare drum, and marching tenors.
Level: Medium to Advanced
Two waves will become one stronger wave if they meet at the right point. There are many right points in this exciting solo for multipercussion.
Duration: 6:40 | Level: Med-Advanced
Drawing upon Eli Whitney’s revolutionary invention as inspiration, this unique mulitpercussion solo requires the player to speak, sing, and trigger audio samples.
Duration: 7:10 | Level: Med-Advanced
This is solo also utilizes a multipercussion setup of concert toms, woodblock, sizzle cymbal, and wind gong. It is an ideal selection for percussionists looking for a dramatic and virtuosic timpani solo.
Duration: 6:20 | Level: Med-Advanced
The simultaneous performance unrelated meters, ostinati, and melodic material drives this solo for multipercussionist and optional, echoing assistant.
Duration: 7:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
Composed for one player and utilizing snare drum and bass drum, this is like an old-school rudimental duet, but not.
Duration: 2:05 | Level: Med-Advanced
Using sounds created by instruments, digital audio, and sounds made by the human voice, this piece bears a resemblance to the Japanese "haiku" form of poetry with its 5-7-5 metric scheme.
Duration: 10:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
A solo for hand percussion and electronics that conjures the sounds of nature past nightfall. Utilizes a looping station for layered effects.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
A multipercussion solo full of groovy, drumset-like textures, inspired by composer Dave Hollinden. Optionally playable with one arm!
Duration: 2:10 | Level: Medium
An advanced multi-percussion solo, showcasing melodic flow on timpani and integration with crotales and woodblocks.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Advanced
Using a configuration of only drums and cymbals, this multi-percussion solo by Indiana-based composer Brian Blume expresses both reverence and intensity.
Duration: 8:00 | Level: Advanced
An entry-level, limited instrumentation multipercussion solo inspired by famous riffs from classic rock songs. Includes optional audio accompaniment!
Duration: 2:00-6:00 | Level: Easy
A three-movement, unpitched multipercussion solo where each movement is inspired by a famous work of art.
Duration: 13:00 | Level: Med-Advanced
An inventive piece featuring a solo percussionist playing the guts of a piano in colorful and interesting ways.
Duration: 5:00 | Level: Medium
Utilizing a variety of colorful timbres, "Two Days" allows the multi-percussion soloist to make a musical statement with melody laid over single-handed ostinato patterns.
Duration: 4:30 | Level: Medium
An engaging, colorful multi-percussion solo for the intermediate-advanced player. Primarily features a vibraphone in the setup and includes audio accompaniment.
Duration: 05:20 | Level: Med-Advanced